Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Acts of Craftiness

I'm stepping out into the blogging world by participating in Random Acts of Craftiness. I have read Erin's blog for almost a year. A few weeks ago I finally got over my shyness enough to comment (it was for a giveaway, but that's okay). About a week after my first comment Erin introduced Random Acts of Craftiness. Each month she'll give the participants a household object to use in a craft project. The catch is that we can't make anything we have seen before meaning no knock-offs. Usually I end up making a lot of things that I've seen elsewhere because I like them and it's easy. But no more! I'm going to be original. After making the original item all the participants will link up their projects on the last Wednesday of the month. I'm hoping it will result in making a lot of new bloggy friends. If you want to be part of Random Acts of Craftiness just click the "button" below and get in touch with Erin.

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