Monday, August 27, 2012

Book Projects

A few weeks ago Doug and I stumbled upon an estate sale. It had been pretty picked over by the time we got there but I found a few treasures. These were just 25 cents each. And they're beautiful. I bought 4 of them but was so excited for my first project that I didn't take a picture of the first book while it was intact.
Vintage Readers Digest Books
For my first project I cut off the front and back cover of my favorite patterned book. Then I found a few fun pictures from inside and cut notebook paper to make an assignment journal so I don't fall behind in my schoolwork. I tried binding it with chain but it broke. Then I tried metal brads and that didn't work either. I ended up using elastic. It's not pretty but it works really well.
Isn't it fun?
My second project involved cutting a shadow box in the cover and pages and adding some genuine beach shells collected in Mexico. Eventually this project is supposed to end up in my mom's downstairs bathroom which has a beachy shell theme.
I have two more books which means two more projects. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of making the navy and yellow one into another notebook since it's so cute.

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  1. Eclectict Emily,

    I had never heard of buying a book for its cover! You've got a great eye and a creative mind.

    As for the last two books, why don't you look inside and see if there is a good story to read?


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