Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Won!

After subjecting everyone to multiple book reviews this summer which were also submitted to my local library, I finally got something out of it. The library had their end of summer reading program party on July 30th with prizes for the participants. Doug and I went expecting to see a lot of other people win stuff. BUT I ACTUALLY WON! When they called my name I jumped up and ran to the front to claim my prize while yelling "I won!" You would have though I won the lottery or the Price is Right. I didn't expect to win so I didn't take the camera, but trust me nobody who claimed prizes was as excited as I was. Do you want to know what I won?
The Cocoa Bean Cafe
My prize
$15 worth of gourmet cupcakes at The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe. I'm really excited to use my prize for delicious morsels of mini cakes. Yum Yum. Thanks summer reading program.


  1. haha aww isn't it fun to win? I never expect to win either.

    Loved your comment about how awesome the challenge will be. ;)

    1. The best part of winning is collecting your prize. Someday I'll be on the Price is Right and you'll see me jumping up and down all over the place before I even start playing the game. Of course I'll probably be too excited to guess the right price of anything so I'll end up with only one plinko chip but with my good vibes it will fall into the $10000 slot. Then I'll jump up and down even more, until I have to pay half of it to the government in taxes.


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