Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One (or eight) hot cars

So I haven't posted forever, which I am aware of, but I also don't care that much because I am working hard in school and focusing my efforts on things of higher priority on my list. My day consisted of leaving for school at 8:45, spending almost 6 hours in class, watching a car fire, then spending another hour and 15 minutes in class, then finally getting home at 7:15. What's that you say? You want to know more about said car fire? Well, here is a movie (I did not film it; it's too long but the best part is from minute 2 to 3ish so just skip around as necessary). Please ignore the ignorance of the commenters of this movie.

I saw the car smoking as I walked to class but it just looked like someone's radiator had overheated. Once in class I heard the firetruck siren and exclaimed, "Oh my heck, that car really was on fire!" More than half of my class proceeded to run out into the hallway to the window with the best view. I feel bad for saying it, but cars on fire were the coolest thing I've seen at school.

Here are two links to the story on the UVU Review website and the Salt Lake Tribune's website.