Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Light Bulb Moment

Today while cleaning the bathtub I may have had the best cleaning idea ever. I'm sure others have also thought of this, but I'd never heard of it.

You'll need a little back story on my problem. My bathtub drips ALL the time. It's a constant drip. And it wastes a lot of water, like gallons a day. If it were my house and I weren't only renting I would have had a plumber fix it years ago. I told the landlord about it a long time ago and I think they don't really care because they never sent anyone to look at it. The water here has tons of minerals in it, otherwise know as hard water. It can cause stains on sinks, toilets, and tubs. Since the tub faucet always drips, there is a constant supply of minerals assaulting my bathtub.

I have tried everything to get those blasted hard water stains off the side of the tub. I can scrub them off the bottom of the tub, but on the sides no cleaner would stick long enough before flowing down the drain.

Then today I looked at the toilet and a light bulb appeared above my head. Toilet bowl cleaner is designed to stick to the sides of the bowl. It gels on until you scrub it off. I bounced over to the cupboard, pulled out the toilet cleaner, and applied it to the stains on the bathtub. Then I waited 10ish minutes. Then I held my breath for luck, and scrubbed. AND THE STAINS CAME OFF! I didn't even have to scrub that hard. For two+ years I have been trying to get those minerals off and the answer was sitting in my cupboard the entire time! After it was cleaning I kept walking around the house proclaiming that it was a miracle. I felt like I was at a revival meeting, had been struck by the spirit, and couldn't stop proclaiming "Hallelujah! We have witnessed a miracle!"

Sorry I don't have pictures for you. I would have loved to take pictures, but after two years of trying everything I didn't think the toilet cleaner would really work. And then it worked, and having only a picture of a clean bathtub without a picture of the dirty one to compare it to wouldn't mean anything.

What are some of your cleaning secrets? Please leave a comment below.

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