Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Law School Graduation, May 12

The biggest reason for our trip back east was to see Doug's sister Natalie and her husband John-Mark graduate from law school. Saturday, May 12 we had the pleasure of seeing the culmination of their hard work. Natalie and John-Mark graduated from West Virginia University Law School with honors. They had little white circles on top of their hats because they were at the top of their class.
Looking to the future
The Graduates
A Proud Family
WV Law School 2012 Graduates
After the graduation we went to a wonderful open house at the Law School where we had some yummy snacks. I shouldn't have eaten so much because after that we went to Black Bear Burrito and had the best food ever.
Everyone at Black Bear Burrito
As soon as dinner was over Doug, me, Scott, Abby, Mary, and Diana left for our hotel near the Pittsburgh airport. My parents in law stayed the night with Natalie and John-Mark. We had an adventure getting to the hotel. In the area there was an Industry Lane, an Industry Street, and an Industry Drive. Google thought it would be funny to give us directions to the street, not the lane, so we ended up taking a slight detour. Luckily with my super sense of direction inherited from my Grandpa Parker, we found our way.

The next morning we headed to the airport for our flight home. We had a short layover in Detroit (just short enough to have to jog to the next plane) and then we were on our way back to Utah.
The airplane taxi is a Steelers fan
When our first plane arrived I was a little nervous because it was so small. It was a little louder but the flight was safe even though the plane only held 50 people.
Our tiny plane.
I'm so grateful to my parents-in-law for taking me on this trip. It was great to see all the monuments and museums and just to spend time with family.

Ladies and gentlemen that concludes the recap of my Washington D.C. trip. On behalf of Eclectic Em and the entire crew, I'd like to thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

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