Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Chose the Bush

Every time I ride my bike I have the attitude that every car is out to get me. It becomes very disappointing when that becomes true. Yesterday I rode my bike to work and home from work. It is only a little over a mile with the majority of it being on a bike path. I have a cute pink cruiser bike with a basket and a bell. I don't go very fast so I stay on the sidewalk but always brake and yield to pedestrians. I try to be as safe as possible while riding. I look for cars at every crosswalk and every driveway. I don't ride with earphones so that I can hear what's going on around me. I don't cut across traffic or cross against the light. And yet, yesterday, I was forced to chose between being hit by a car and crashing into a bush. I chose the bush.

Scrapes on my foot from crashing into the bush.
In the 1.2 miles home I was at risk in crosswalks and at driveways 5 times due to cars not yielding to pedestrians/bikes/oncoming traffic. That's a pretty bad record considering there are only 13 crosswalks and driveways from work to home. Had I not been paying attention I probably would have ended up in the hospital rather than only in a bush. Wearing flip flops wasn't the safest thing but other than that I took every precaution.

I don't mean to complain, I just want everyone to be aware and to be safe. Please stop before the sidewalk when pulling out of driveways and side streets. Check for pedestrians and bikes as well as for oncoming traffic. When turning right at lights please check that the crosswalk is clear before following your green light. The person crossing the street will be out of your way soon enough, there is no reason to cut them off or go before them. If turning right on a red make sure that nobody needs to cross with traffic. If going straight at a light please stop before the crosswalk so that others can see around you. The two seconds you take to be safe are worth saving the life of a biker or pedestrian.

Thank you for reading my little rant and please please please be safe while driving.

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