Monday, July 23, 2012

Books I've Read: Water for Elephants

This is another book that I read a little while ago but I thought it was good enough to mention.
"Water for Elephants" is narrated by a funny old man who is reminiscing about his past while waiting for his family to take him to the circus that just arrived down the street. The old mans name is Jacob and he starts by remembering when his parents died in a car accident leaving him heartbroken and destitute as a college student studying to be a veterinarian. Not knowing what else to do, he jumps on a train. It ends up being a circus train and Jacob is hired as a vet even though his schooling wasn't completed. While with the circus he falls in love with a performer named Marlena. The book follows him on his crazy circus adventures including acquiring an elephant from a bankrupt circus, almost being thrown off the train, and witnessing a riot where all the animals are let out of their cages. Even with all the crazy things that happened, at the end of this book I wanted to travel back in time and join a circus for myself.

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