Sunday, July 22, 2012


A little while ago Doug decided he wanted a barbeque grill. So we went off in search of one. We ended up finding a cute little charcoal grill for only $10. It is only big enough for six small burgers, or four big ones. And it's perfect for roasting s'mores.

We had potato salad, burgers, and s'mores for desert on our fun little barbeque picnic in the front yard. Everything looks a little more red than usual because the sun was filtered through smoke and ash from the wildfires in our state.
Potato salad
Are these the vegetarian burgers? or the beef?
Maybe these are the beef?
My sweet husband caters to my vegetarian lifestyle and buys me Morningstar Grillers Prime vegetarian burgers. I can't even remember what a real burger tastes like, but I'm pretty sure these are really close, and a lot healthier.
Preparing the burgers
We were a little flushed from the BBQ and the hot sun
It is quite a tiny barbeque
After our picnic we roasted marshmallows for a yummy s'mores dessert. I love s'mores. May I have some more?
Doug getting his roast on
Just roasting a marshmallow
The first perfect s'more
The first bite of the first perfect s'more
The second perfect s'more
A $10 grill made a meal that tasted like a million bucks. Thank you for always cooking Dougie.

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