Thursday, May 10, 2012

Books I've Read: The Art of Racing in the Rain

For Christmas I was blessed with the gift of a Kindle reader from my wonderful in-laws. I have always loved to read but it was so hard to take my book with me. Now I always have a library in my purse.

This is the most recent book that I finished.

This book was written from the perspective of Enzo, who is a dog. His best friend, Denny, is a race car driver. This book follows Enzo and Denny on their journey through life with many insights from racing. Denny, with Enzo by his side, is faced with the death of his wife and a custody battle with her parents over his daughter while trying to maintain his job as a driver. Click here for an excerpt from Chapter 1. 

Usually I get annoyed with New York Times best sellers (Twilight? for real? it was terrible writing) but this one is worth reading. I will never look at a dog the same way again. I ended this novel in hopeful tears and filled with awe over the love between a dog and his master. Looking at the triumphs and sorrows of life through a dog's eyes makes me even more excited to bring a puppy into our family.

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