Friday, November 9, 2012

My Snow Family

When I got home from work I snuggled onto the couch and started knitting. Then my amazing husband made me grandma chocolate, which is what I call Mexican hot chocolate because it's called Abuelita and has a picture of a grandma on it. It's pretty much the best drink ever. After awhile of relaxing, I decided that Doug and I should make a snow family. He made a snow person before I got home from work but she needed some friends. So I put on my hat, coat, and boots, and he put on his jacket and flip flops and we started building. An hour later we had a handsome mustached snowman, a snow-hound, and a snow cat. Aren't they cute?
From left to right: Snow Doug, Snow Biscuit, Snow Emily, and Snow Penny
It's amazing how accurately this family depicts our actual family dynamics. I'm usually keeping the dog away from the cat and the cat somehow always ends up between Doug and I, especially when we're sleeping. Doug is farthest from the dog because she annoys him the most often.
The Snow-Hound

Snow me? Yes, it is. Do you like my beautiful leaf outfit?

Snow Biscuit

Snow Doug, note the handsome mustache

Our Happy Snow Family

Even though it's blurry, this is how light it was at 9:30 at night without the flash


  1. I love the snow family you made, and your analysis! Do you know that's an actual family therapy intervention (usually done with clay instead of snow) meant to reflect family dynamics exactly the way you explained? Hilarious!
    I'm so glad you got good news about S. You are a sweet friend and I'm sorry she's had to go through so much all at once.

  2. I wish it would snow where I live! It NEVER snows!


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