Sunday, March 9, 2014

Snow Goose Festival and Topaz Internment Ruins

Lately each weekend Doug and I have been doing activities that we call "choose your own adventure." The name is based on books that were around when we were kids where the reader chose what would happen next and turn to a specific page number to continue the chosen adventure. Our first adventure was to Delta to the Snow Goose Festival. During their migration from Southern California back to Northern Canada, the geese stop at the local reservoir for a much needed rest.
After visiting the lake, we went to a Mexican restaurant which had beautiful murals on the walls.
Down the street was the Great Basin Museum where I got entranced by the ancient TV.
On the way back to the car we saw a map at the city park of how to get to the site of the historic Topaz Internment Camp. After about a twenty minute drive we arrived at a sage brush field with a sign posted at the corner. We wandered around and saw the ruins.
On the way back to town we saw some snow geese in a farmer's field.
I think we chose a pretty good adventure for the first time. It was a long day be we saw some really cool things. If you have any suggestions of adventures, let me know in the comments below or through email.

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